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Novak Coaching

Unfolding Journey

My journey on this planet truly became conscious in the spring of 2011.  Life completely changed for me from that point in time.  Looking back at it, I can say that a shift in consciousness had been triggered inside my being.  I began a journey toward self-realization.  I started reading every book I could find related to consciousness and what is going on, on our planet at this time.  I was reading books and atricles as fast as I could, downloading as much information as possible.  I became passionate about this journey inward.  I started to unlock door after door inside myself.  Finding myself progessively going down the rabbit hole of consciousness.  I realized that the world I was living in was no longer working for me.  I felt this pull inside to walk in the opposite direction of the status quo.  Working several jobs within the Matrix of life and finding myself more and more unfullfilled and empty inside.  I continued to reflect and go inward.  It was as if my whole reality that I was programmed and conditioned to be a part of started to dissolve right before my very eyes.  I began to really start to feel this shift of consciousness in my being.  It is as if, I've been divinely lead to this very moment in time.  Experiencing many of lifes trials and tribulations during these times.  It has felt like some kind of great initiation.  During this shift inside of me, I unveiled this passion to work with others during this same shift I have expressed above.  I want to help facilitate as many SOULS as possible to begin this journey inward toward self realization.  The more and more people who wake up to this shift in consciousness, the more momentum we gain into creating a New Earth.  This is my passion and I'm hear to share it with "YOU". 


With Love and Gratitude,


Chad Novak


See "YOU" soon!!!