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Finding your personal power and truth


"Chad has opened up a lot for me in my work with him. The greatest thing he brings to the table for me is facilitating a meaningful and honest dialogue between us to help pullout and reinforce a higher power in me, my truth, and my purpose. Sometimes these things are hidden in plain sight. A return to your soul is what drives his mentoring. Chad is very connected to the persons he works with, and truly great at what he does.
In our experiences together, we have had countless conversations on subjects such as personal growth, spirituality, diet, addiction, self awareness, and relationships just to cover a few. We together guided each other through a 30 days Shamanic Breathwork dialogue and journaling commitment, which I believe helped each of us unfold into great awareness for ourselves in our own work.
I also took part in a weekend retreat that Chad facilitated with a small group of men where he was reinforcing community, honoring emotions, and leading great thought-provoking conversations with the group. For the retreat Chad had planned a plant based food diet for the group, half prepared and half improvised by the group. This was a highlight of the trip for me, as it was very communal and lots of great conversation around the meal preparation. This trip was one of a kind and I look forward to future experiences like this one.
Take a good look at Chad, he has a lot profound insights and experience here to offer to you on your personal journey."


Mark M.


Awesome yoga instructor!


"Awesome yoga instructor! Does a great job focusing on the spiritual aspect of yoga while still making sure you get a great workout."


Melissa N.

"Chad is a wonderful coach who is very easy to connect with as he is a great listener who helped me get to the deep down core of what was holding me back from being more confident in myself. I think anyone will enjoy Chad's coaching style and concern he has for others."


Jennifer H.

"Chad has a huge heart. He genuinely cares about people and their spiritual journey. His style is to help you be the most authentic version of yourself. He helped me get in touch with an inner truth that really surprised me. (not that he helped me get there, that I didn't know it about myself already!). I am very grateful for his patience with me while I meandered on my way to that inner truth."


Cheryl W.